4 Apr 2019

                                                            Instagram :@fentybeauty

Rihanna's beloved cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty issued an apology recently after a red highlighter named "Geisha Chic" sparked controversy. The brand posted an image of the highlighter and several persons called it out for its choice of namr after it was posted
"Geisha chic? For a brand that wants to be all #woke and inclusive it's... yikes," one person commented underneath a post shared by beauty Instagram account @trendmood1.

                                                    Instagram:@ trendmood1

In response, Fenty Beauty has removed the highlighter from sale and stated that it will remain unavailable until a new name is chosen. They also issued apologies to several persons who commented under the post.

"We hear you, we have pulled the product until it can be renamed. We wanted to personally apologise. Thank you so much for educating us." the message read.
This message appeared to appease several persons as they took to social media to praise the brand  for the prompt response and apology rendered.
“I wish more brands responded like this. Props to Fenty for listening and doing something about it,” one person DM’d the account, according to Estée Laundry’s Instagram Stories. “Fenty swallowed their pride and that is something admirable.

Meanwhile, who else is ready for the launch of several new products from Fenty? The highlighters are dope and  giving me shivers already. They would be out tomorrow at Sephora. Shopping mode activated.