14 Apr 2019

So you've been having problems with your formulations, right? You've wasted and thrown away so many failed batches of products. You keep asking, 'What are others doing. that I am doing wrong? 'Why do my clients keep complaining'. if you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you might be doing any of the points below.

Let me answer those questions

1.Lack of expertise- If you're in this class, it means that you must have tried many times to do a proper promixing training and failed. What do I mean? Well go on JIJI or basically anywhere, you will see people there selling to you the same group of mixes over and over again. And this people usually have not really taken the time to make sure that the different chemicals in the products they mix together are even compatible at all. That's why someone will want to make a mix for someone who wants to go from dark to caramel and they'll pour in like 5 different serums (with steroids) and tubes and then the person will just end up with stretch marks and redness and the sweet caramel they wanted to have. 
It might be just the right time to go for further classes to hone your craft. New skincare ideas and technology are being introduced everyday. That your method might be outdated. Learn the new juice and scoop. Don't start using ten clobetasol tubes to achieve a whiter complexion.That's so old school. Learn the new mixes. There are some formulas that only top formulators in the country know about and the classes are really expensive. If you're within their locality, they won't teach you so as to limit their competition. But if you know what you want, then it isn't a bad idea to enroll for one.

2. The recipes are so wrong
Again, get the right knowledge. Don't rely on recipes.There are some classes you would take and you would end up knowing that there is a difference with chaff and shaft. You would see some recipes telling you to add relaxers and all sorts. Please run for your life.Then you would see those telling you to add potash to Carowhite cream and all those Ajashe mixes. 

 Get the pro stuff. However be careful. Charlatans are abound. Have you seen some of them. Mix like 1 thousand different lotions. Then begin to add in an insane amount of low grade actives and oxidized oils with adulterated essential oils. And then you wonder how other gurus are making it? There's no magic to it. Use the right recipes/formula's, get the right results. Its that simple. You can't use perfect white lotion mix in fire and brimstone into it and then start wondering why your clients are not coming back.. 

3 Lack of patience.
Good products cannot turn someone from black to white in one week. If someone tells you her products are safe from steroids and would change your colour from black to white in one week, the person is lying.  Some of you, buy so called organic soaps that have been mixed with bleach, relaxer, tubes filled with steroids and a lot. They tell you its 100% natural. But even you have to know its not. If not, why is it making you red?

They tell you, it will whiten you in 1 day and you're excited. The hard truth is that
anything that whitens you in less than 10-14 days might not be good for you.
When something whitens you that fast, it is usually a sign that there are steroids in there especially if the fast whitening is now accompanied with redness, veins becoming more visible, stretch marks, dark knuckles, skin looking pale but highly unhealthy with no
undertone. If you want long term stunning skin that looks like milk. Then 3 days action should not be your target. Most of the time, 1,2 and 3 days action cremes don't end well. There are very very  few actives that can whiten out in 3 days flawlessly without causing rednessand white dot. Most side effects that come from high HQ, steroids, vim and relaxer mixes. You can have that perfect milk white, that beautiful yellow, that gorgeous golden and the perfect cafe au lait brown. But you will need to give it more than 3 days.You are worth the wait.

4. Poor Quality Of Ingredients
Some people would come to me and start pricing powders as if I am selling pepper. Then they would start telling me about someone who sells at reduced prices at one popular market like that in Lagos State. My response- 'Please buy from her' 

Its so sad but a disturbing number of people that sell actives here in Nigeria are selling
fake actives. Or actives with very low purity. You can use them, but they will never
ever give you the same results as someone who's using high purity top grade actives.
99.9% Alpha arbutin (Highest purity) and 60% arbutin (low grade) will NOT give the same
results. They sell you low grade that can't do much. That's why its so cheap but the money you'll waste in buying quantity, will get you quality and you'll have peace of mind about it. 
Another thing is this issue of too much mix mix. Some recipes are so over mixed that
I'm actually not shocked when it backfires. When you buy original actives, you don't need much to make your formulation pop.

Now you know it, work on these steps and watch your clients bring back positive feedbacks. Do you have any contribution? Please comment below..

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