14 Apr 2019

Olive oil is a staple product found in most homes. Infact, 50% of all the homes in Africa use it for one purpose or the other.  In my home, it is a necessity. You can never come into my home and not find at least one bottle sitting on the shelf. Sometimes we have as much as three.

I don't use it on my skin because I have an oily skin and quite prone to breakouts. But for little sis and my mom, you can't take it from them as they have dry skin which turn flaky during the dry season. But I still make use of it in different ways.

During my teen years,my one problem was my skin. I had acne and my skin was constantly breaking out. I avoided anything containing oil,I didn't even eat groundnuts. It was that bad. I have always hated drinking water but whenever I ate so much as an handful of nuts,I drank up to four glasses of water on the same spot. I also avoided creams containing olive oil. But using it in a facial surprisingly actually does the opposite. The skin has to maintain an equal balance of both oil and water to continue looking supple and firm. So denying it of one or the other, also has its effects.


Here are some of the ways I use it.
I use it for facial steaming. I just add half a teaspoon of olive oil to a bowl of hot water. It opens the pores and moisturizes.
I use it as a cleanser. It's a good alternative to a cleanser. It easily cleans the make up off your face.
This is one of the reasons I actually have it at home.

I use it as a conditioner for my hair.
I simply mix it with egg white and rub on my hair. I would wear a shower cap and leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing off.
I do this because my hair breaks off easily, so I use the mask to strengthen my hair.

I also use it as a lip scrub.During the dry season, I do this every day. I simply mix a teaspoon of olive oil with a pinch of salt. I rub it on my lips. And voila! sexier and softer looking lips (Lol). My cousin uses it on her baby, when asked why, she said - to prevent baby rash.


As a toner or complexion unifier. It is essentially useful to people with melasma or uneven skin tone such as black knuckles or lighter feet. You can apply it on that part of the body every day until it goes back to the shade you want. You don't have to stop using that cream because it is lightening you at an amazing rate. Just use olive oil alternatively with the cream and you would notice the effect.    Recently, a family member developed red marks or burns on her face and started seeing black marks on her feet due to a cream she was using. I suggested olive oil for the feet and an handmade cream for the face. It's over a month now, and she is seeing improvements. She has stopped using the cream and the olive oil has done wonders in fading those marks and unifying the skin tone. She still uses it and talks about it..

I also recommend olive oil facial or body scrub for those with dry skin.
Just mix a teaspoon of salt or brown sugar, olive oil and honey and use on face for a smoother and softer skin. I also add a teaspoon of lemon juice and salt. I like the fact that it moisturizes and exfoliates, two important thing the skin needs.

It is an awesome moisturizer, for those who need a super duper moisturizer- just pour a little into any cream of your choice. It can also be used for a baby's skin, which is why it can be found in most baby care products,  as it helps keep their skin supple and smooth. It is essential to people with normal or dry skin but for people like me with oil or sensitive skin,you might just want to stick to the facials alone instead of going all the way with it.

I use it as a make up remover or brush cleanser and guess what happens when I do- all the dirts comes off so easily. No need foe endless washing and soapingSo if your cleanser isn't nearby or you end up looking for a quick fix for your make up brush, you can make do with olive oil.

Wow! I really use it for so much!

How do you use olive oil? Do you make use of it, more than I do?  I would love to get some more ideas from you.
Have a great day