14 Apr 2019

Recently, I went into a cosmetic store to buy a cream which would lighten beautifully and uniformly without the whitish look and the sales representative I met recommended this brand. I got the bought for 350 Naira( equivalent to 1 dollar) and the cream for 1200 Naira (equivalent to 3-4 dollars). It is made in the Philippines and comes in an 200ml bottle According to the manufacturers, it contains Papaya and Calamansi to lighten dark spots, SPF 10 to prevent darkening and sun damage (still manageable), Vitamin C and B3 to nourish the skin and anti-oxidants for a healthy, youthful glow. I used it for about 3 months ( yea, I do not like slathering cream on my body) and this is what I have to say about this product.

What I like about it
Great price and very affordable.
It has a sweet smelling scent, almost like lemons.
It also has a non greasy feel which is just great for me considering the fact that I have an oily skin.
I noticed it lightened the dark circles around my eyes, they are barely noticeable now.
It leaves the skin softer and smoother.
It also leaves no rash which is something I battle with regularly when I use some lightening creams.
It also leaves no black knuckles and feet which to me, is wonderful.

What I do not like about it
It is good for people who rarely go out into the sun, not hustlers like me. I had to use additional sunscreen on my face when going out.
It indeed lightens the skin but not in 7days. Rather it lightens gradually, at least 2weeks for you to start seeing noticeable results. 

This product is best for people who wants to maintain an even skin tone or who wants to lighten the skin gradually.  If you are looking for fast action, this is not for you. You might get darker. If you want to tone your complexion with this product, then do this.

Do not use with its soap, rather go for a whitening soap such as Asantee, Carrot glow, Pure Glow, Gluthathione Injection soap or any whitening soap gel.

Exfoliate twice weekly with a whitening exfoliator such as Asantee Turmeric or  Tomato  or Extreme White Scrub.

If you just want to glow, then skip the above procedure and just stick with the soap and scrub. You would love the combo.

Until my next post, remain beautiful.