Do you have a bathroom full of skincare products you aren't exactly sure how to use? Do you want to step up your skincare game or intend starting a skincare line or beauty line? Maybe you've made the decision to switch to clean beauty and personal care and not sure where to start? 
Here, we go! 

The process: book your 30 minute appointment with me. 
Receive a confirmation email/calendar invitation with a link to a skin care questionnaire to be filled out prior to our appointment. 
Pay for service prior to appointment.
Connect via Whatsapp, Telegram, Zoom, Skype or google hangouts for our appointment. 

We start with an analysis of your skin and have a detailed consultation on your goals, lifestyle habits that may contribute to your skin, talk through any concerns and answer any questions you may have. Together we will go through your current skin care routine/products. Then we will discuss what I would recommend and a game plan for your skin. 

If you intend starting a skincare line, we start with a detailed consultation on your goals, branding and marketing plan. I would discuss any recommendations and give you contacts of topnotch raw materials suppliers and branding specialists.

After our session, I will email you within 24 hours a detailed personalized home care routine. This will include online shopping links and step-by-step instructions that will be tailored to your budget, lifestyle and what we discussed in our session. BOOK ME NOW!