14 Apr 2019

People using lightening creams all over the world have similar experiences and stories. Black knuckles,uneven skin tone are some of the common complaints.
 Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid are some of the common lightening agents used in most cosmetic products.It has become a sort of trend over the years to see people with fairer face or legs,dark necks and so on. I have tried out some lightening creams over the years,though I stay clear of those containing Hydroquinone. 

I prefer Kojic Acid, though it is unsteady and changes color once exposed to air. I have used some products containing it but I'm always careful when using them. . You might want to know that I do not use the creams alone.
 There are other little inexpensive products I use along with the creams that helps me maintain an even complexion. Some of the products I use that have proven to be quite indispensable are:

1. Sunscreen-
Sunscreens would always be useful when using a lightening cream. Some lightening creams are so harsh that they leave the skin bare and prone to burns and discoloration, hence the need to protect it from the sun. That is why the part of the face that shows signs of burns are usually those parts exposed to the sun.

2. Vaseline or Olive oil-

 These act as toners and moisturizers. I use all kinds of vaseline but I prefer those with fragnance for my hands.Olive oil does the same job. I use it for my hands,feet or any area of my body that I see are basically lighter than the rest.They make the skin glow as well as toning it. They even out the skin complexion. I am especially fond of the Vaseline Lotion brand/set. I use it as a moisturizer and toner. I use any of the products I can lay my hands on.


Some lightening creams also dry out the skin. They make the skin look so dry and flaky, making it age faster. That's the reason people who use these creams for longer periods have this kind of ragged and aged look.A moisturizer prevents the skin from drying and in no way hampers the lightening process. Like I said the Vaseline set does the job for me.

4. Shea Butter-
is one necessity for lightening cream users who are trying to avoid black knuckles,feet and elbows. Applying of Shea Butter to these areas actually prevents darkening of these areas and tends to even out these areas.

5. Lemon -
Lemon acts as lightening agent and can be used to lighten dark spots and areas on the skin. Just cut out a layer and rub it on any desired part. Apply morning and night until you notice improvement in the areas.

6. Acid Peel-
People make use of acid peels such as Glycolic or Salicylic to clear darkened parts of the body. It is perhaps one of the fastest way to get rid of it. But sometimes it takes longer to see noticeable results. Other times,it would require subsequent visits to a dermatologist as well as treatments to get desired results. 

7.Coconut oil-
I so love this, a good moisturizer and quite indispensable to me. I started using it when I noticed I do not react to it and I have been hooked onto it. It smoothens the complexion, makes it firmer and softer. 

8. A skin unifier or serum

This is quite important when using a lightening cream cream. Unifiers such as rescue oil and herbal serums do the job. They even out the skin and prevents melasma, discolorations and scars. 

9. Glycerine

A neighbor introduced this to me. She uses silky white but I noticed her skin tone was even and not washed out. When I ask ed what she uses, she said she mixed 4 tbsps of glycerine to her cream. 

All these are quite important when trying to lighten your skin. You get maximum benefits from using them and you don't wanna worry about uneven skin tone because once a part of the skin becomes damaged,it would incur more spending and patience to repair it and get it back to its former condition.

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I hope you love this. Have a glorious day.