30 Apr 2019

Possible Palace is a cosmetic enterprise based in Edo State, Nigeria. The brand C.E.O Juliet Eghe, talked to SoZaya on her love for cosmetics and beauty products and how it spurred her on to establish her brand.

 Please tell us a bit about you.
 Im Eghe Juliet, an undergraduate student  of the University of Benin studying public administration.

Please tell us about your business where are you based and what do you do?
Possible Palace was established to bring satisfaction to everyone in the beauty world. Our brand provides you with the possibility of shopping the genuine and quality products with pocket friendly amounts. Were located at 45 Ugbowo, Lagos road, opposite UBA beside UBTH, Benin City. We sell beauty products like Mac, Marykay, Zikel, Kylie, Zaron, Tara, Maybeline, Jordan, Kiss Beauty, Classic, Huda Beauty, Milani, Nyx, Fenty Beauty and many others. We also train people who are interested in learning about makeup. 

 What got you interested in the beauty field?
I have always been interested about cosmetics. I could remember an occasion when I paid for a professional makeover service. I wasnt happy with what she did on my face and I had to clean it off, because I felt my normal everyday make up actually made me feel prettier. After that episode, I made up my mind to learn this thing called makeup.

What type of beauty products do you sell and which one is your favourite?
Honestly, I dont have a favorite beauty brand because they all have their uniqueness. Some are pretty affordable, some give a flawless finishing look, some are very good highlighters. I make do with various brands when making up a client based on their uniqueness.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?
What I enjoy most in running my business is the fact that I have room to learn more and to improve myself. Everyday is a learning process for me. The things I learn on a daily basis about running a business is something that I never imagined I would know. It has been a wonderful experience so far.

What was the hardest thing about launching your own business?
My hardest challenge was financing and creating awareness for my brand. Business needs money to grow especially this cosmetics business. Without it, you would have only have dreams of how you want your brand to be but no actualization because of lack of funds. Marketing and creating awareness is also a challenge I still encounter but by Gods grace , we are putting strategic measures to sort it out.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to follow in your footsteps?
The one thing that has kept me going is fact that I love what I do; I wasnt after the money only. If youre going into a business for making money only, you might be disappointed and may not be able to scale through. You should have passion for your business to survive..