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I have observed that white patches or spots occur when one is not using a product suitable for his/her skin or is reacting to an ingredient in it. For me, it occurs when I use a product containing clobetasol or any harsh whitening substance. People usually get into panic mode when they see it on their bodies. Some liken it to eczema and some would say it occurs as a result of personal hygiene habits. I use some ingredients which helps me get rid of these spots whenever they occur on my body within one week.

1. Mustard seed oil:

Also known as the golden seed oil. I have a bottle permanently placed in my shelf. I think 50ml goes for 1000-1500 and that is all you need for you and your client to get a clean skin. Just give 50 ml to the client to be applying directly to their skin, they also have to stop using the cream that caused the reaction

2. Hydraulic Oil: 

A friend recommended this to me when I wanted to help another friend out. I was a bit skeptical because I knew she can be crazy when it comes to skincare (she's even more addicted than I am). But surprisingly, it worked and thank God it is readily available as with as little as 30 Naira or even for free, it can be gotten from the mechanic's workshop. This should be applied directly to the affected area.

3. Shea Butter -

This is also one sure ingredient that gets rid of patches easily. If you don't intend using it raw, simply mix in any cream you intend using to cure the spots. I prefer the former. One common method, people also use in combatting these spots,  especially if they intend using harsh whitening products, is to mix shea butter with it. Some say, this helps to reduce the chances of the cream giving reactions. 

With these treatments, you don't need to panic whenever you see those white patches. Just use them within a week and see the wonders they perform. Do you have a preferred treatment ingredient? 

Until my next post, remain beautiful

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