4 Oct 2017

Recently,I had an outbreak of pimples and rashes on my face and I started thinking of products to use. I bought some products from the mall (would soon give a review on some of them), hoping it would work but nada!!!, none worked. I resorted to using foundations to cover them up, but my skin is not really a fan of heavy make up, so it worsened.
I stayed away from tube gels because some of them tend to worsen the issue, especially products like Skineal or Funbact A.  So I resorted to making a soap using natural ingredients. I used the soap for a couple of days and I started noticing improvements.You can imagine my excitement. I threw away those products and resorted to using my darling soap. You must be thinking....what did she use? Voila, here is the recipe:


50g Goat milk soap base
1 tsp Blue whitening soap powder
1 tsp Neem powder
1 tsp Mashed papaya
1 tsp Lemon oil
1 tsp Camwood oil
1/2  tsp Miracle powder

This is how I prepared my herbal soap:

Step 1
Dice the Goat milk soap base,pour into a glass bowl.

Step 2
Place on double boiler or a microwave.

Step 3
Wait until melted.

Step 4
Add the blended papaya.

Step 5
Add the neem powder

Step 6
Stir the mixture

Step 7
Add the lemon oil

Step 8
Add the miracle powder

Step 9
Add the blue soap whitening powder

Step 10
Add the camwood oil and stir.

Step 11.
Pour into soap mounds or pet containers like I did.

Step 12.
Leave for 24 hours to solidify.

Step 13.
Final look!!!

The downside to using this soap is that it doesn't lather that much but that is a minor issue compared with the final results. I use this soap twice a day and I am loving it. My skin is healing rapidly.

Before I forget, this soap is a perfect exfoliating soap and reduces enlarged pores. I absolutely love it because it has superceeded my expectations, hence I intend to make a large batch using lye and would love to see how it turns out. You can try out this recipe at home and I'm sure you would love it. I would be posting recipes and results on my social media handles, so please follow us for more recipes like this...


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    1. Awww..Thank you, Laura. We strive to bring interesting skincare information to you. How is South Africa, today? Much love from us over here.