I could rememember when I first started blogging, this cream was the rage of the moment. I applied for many classes, tried my hands on so many recipes but low and behold,none gave either me or my clients that pale whitish and milk complexion. I have seen so many recipes online. I have tried more than 60% of them and have studied so many recipes because of it. Thus as a result, I have gone to the market, asked questions, done research, made my observations and come to this conclusion.

1.Those recipes you see online won't give you that dramatic overnight white complexion, they would only lighten your complexion.The closest you can get to achieving your desired complexion is by using whitening injections, using hydroquinone or pure kojic acid based products.

2. You can get a lighter shade of complexion, probably caramel or a golden tanned complexion if you are consistent with a skincare regime, over a period of time. You won't turn white but it would certainly improve your skintone, clear impurities and give you a lighter complexion.

3.  Like I said earlier if you want that dramatic complexion, the following would help the lightening process:

a. Genuine Lightening Powders such as Symwhite, Kojic Dipaltimate, Mulberry Extract, Gluthathathione, Alpha Arbutin would help. Buying counterfiet powders because they are less expensive would do nothing. I have found out that some people would prefer buying less expensive powders but they forget that most times, you can't identify these powders because they look alike and you might end up buying substandard or maybe pure talcum powder. It is better if you source for genuine but expensive powders. Trust me, a little would go a long way.

b. Gels- Gels like Kojic clear, Toujours , Lebganaise, Kpata Kpata would definitely help. I have seen recipes asking people to use up to 5 tubes. I won't recommend it because some contain steriod, mercury or hydroquinone but then , they do the job.

c.  Products containing more than 2% hydroquine also works. Trust me, if you use a cream and you get white within a week, you are using hydroquinone. Some mixers use products containing hydroquinone in their products which is why when you use it, you get white but in two - three months time, you start seeing stretch marks, dark knuckes, red marks, skin peeling.

d. Serums are bae
With good serums, then you are good to go. My favourites include RWT,Toujours, Action Jolie, Over white....

e.. The best way to formulate your halfcaste cream and start seeing resullts is by using a base. Most skincare therapists I have worked with swear by Thailand creams. Hence, if you can get an original whitening Thailand cream, then use as a base.

f. Too many ingredients do not necessarily make a good cream. Sometimes few quality ingredients can be used to formulate very effective products.

 Also, to formulate a good halfcaste cream, be ready to spend. You cannot use 10,000 Naira and expect to get an halfcate cream. You might get a whitening cream but not extreme whitening which is why the least expensive half caste cream would sell for as much as 30,000 Naira.

My first set of products were wack because I believed you can achieve half caste complexion with little amount and was a sort of trial and error for me. I have come a long way since that time.

Finally, I would like to share this recipe with you. It wont give you that dramatic change in complexion but it would help lighten and clarify  your complexion.

Yuri white or any Thailand lotion-1 bottle
Beauty Series- Half bottle
RWT Serum-Half bottle
Toujour whitening serum-Half bottle
Miracle powder-1 tbsp
Snow white powder-1 tbsp
Symwhite powder-1 tbsp
Alpha Arbutin Powder-1 tbsp
Gluthathione powder-1 tbsp
Lemon oil-1 tbsp
Neem oil-1 tbsp
Witch hazel-100ml
Chamomile water-100ml.

Warm the floral waters and pour in your powders. Mix welll.
In your lotion, pour in the powders mixture and add the remaining oils. Shake we before use.
Like I said, this might not give you a dramatic change in complexion, but it certainly would go a long way. Until my next post, remain beautiful.


  1. This is so beautiful Nd amazing ma,but please I want to learn how to make halfcast cream ma

    1. Hello, making half caste cream is quite easy..Please contact me on 07034510620 and let's discuss how you can make your half caste cream

  2. Thank u for this amazing lecture ma,i will like to learn how make halfcast face cream & body lotion and others whitening creams


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