17 Oct 2017

I've always favoured organic skincare products because it always easy to get maximum benefits from them. I'm so thrilled right now over Tresses and Body organics lightening cream.

Made from Tumeric powder, lemon oil and carrots, it promises to lighten your skin in a natural way making it look lighter and smoother.
One of my favorite things about Organic lightening creams is the way,your skin tones out after using it. It doesn't give out the whitish look(some times,reddish colour) most of these creams give. It rather lightens the skin giving it a glowing look. It also makes the skin smoother and prevents acne depending on the products used. I've always favoured products containing lemon oil,honey or almond powder.

I've always made mine from the comfort of my home but this time, I want to use theirs and see how it turns out. I am also a vendor of their products which includes a wide range of organic products for both the body and hair.
Let's go back to the cream and see what it consists of.

Tumeric powder- inhibits the production of melanin(skin cells responsible for darkening of the skin.)
Carrots-Contains Vitamin C which is also a lightening agent and makes the skin smoother.
Lemon oil-Lightens,smoothens the skin as well as prevents acne.

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