29 Oct 2017

Looking older than your age? There are some things you might probably that is making you look older. As soon as we reach our mid-twenties, most women start wishing we could stop aging, me inclusive. I really do not want the wrinkles😥

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gabrielle Union, Sade Adu,Genevieve Nnaji, Kate Henshaw just makes us wonder how in Pete's name they manage to look so much younger. Sometimes, we are the cause for making our skin look older. Take a look at the topmost reasons why you're probably looking older than your age.

1.Over exfoliating

Exfoliating is a good thing to do from time to time, as it prevents dead skin cells from building up, but if you do it too often, it can be detrimental to your skin.Once or twice a week is way better and would not damage the skin.

2. Not wearing sun screen everyday

With a harsh weather like ours, you would be surprised that many people do not do this at all. The fact that your cream contains sunscreen ingredients does not mean it can protect you from the harsh rays of the sun. Get a sun screen,sis.

3.Not eating nutrient rich foods

With an economy like ours, quantity is the norm in some families not quality. But then, quality and nutritious foods such as those high in fibre,vitamins and minerals are not usually expensive. All it takes is planning your meals.

4.Not drinking enough water

Drinking water has tons of benefits, including making you more energetic and helping you lose weight, but it can also have really improve the appearance of your skin. Many of us apply lotion to hydrate our skin, but staying hydrated from the inside does alot more in giving us a youthful appearance.

5.Not getting enough sleep

I can relate to this . With work and studies, I was barely sleeping for five hours every night. When I would go to class,my friends would be like, 'Sophie, are you alright?' Since graduation,I've rectified that by making sure I plan my schedule well. Daytime for business,night time for sleep.

6. Not exercising regularly

If you are not a routine person like me,it would probably be difficult for you to stick to an exercise routine. I have tried so many forms of exercise,from squatting to skipping to jogging....but I've never been able to stay consistent to it. Nowadays,what I simply do is take a walk in the cool evening and dance every day. I love dancing.

7. Smoking

We all know that smoking damages the lungs,it also wrecks havoc on the skin. From wrinkles to looser skin to eye wrecks havoc.

8.Carbonated drinks

I do this often,I would not lie.I know its bad but what when one is under the scorching sun and is hungry...whatta man gotta do. I'm really trying to stop by opting for a bottle of water or a fruit juice instead, anytime I feel thirsty. I'm getting there....not easy....but I'm getting there

9. Eating too much sugar

Sugar can really be an addiction but it can also cause weight gain, acne and inflammation which can make us look older.

There you have it.
It does not take much to have a younger looking skin..afterall,age is just a number..In our next post,I would be talking on how to get a younger looking skin and would be posting a skin repair cream recipe.
Until my next post, remain beautiful.