11 Oct 2017

It is product review day and this product is actually one of my favourites. I was introduced to this product since last year and since then, I have been using it until recently. This post is all about my experience with this product and here it is.

The first week I started using it, I ended up getting more than two shades lighter. I noticed my skin became smoother, lighter and it was really glowing. Ironically, while it was quite effective on my skin, it was the opposite for my sis, a client and some friends I bought the soap for.

While using it

 They complained about occurrence of eczema and acne and I kept asking myself, if it was the same soap they were actually talking about. I decided they had bought the substandard versions but all of them couldn't have bought fakes, nao...So one day, I decided to risk it and stop using it because I wanted to see if the lightening effects would continue even if I stopped using it.

I opted for a plain moisturizing face wash and a moisturizer. During the first week, the going was good, no complaints, no darkening, so breakouts whatsoever and I was already deciding to continue with this new routine. Unfortunately, the second week was something else......

When I stopped
Come and see pimples and eczema on my face!!! I could handle the acne but eczema on my face was a no no for me. I had to get an antibiotic tube and made this soap  to help heal my skin. Finally, my skin was finally becoming better, halleluyah... 

 Do I hate this product? No..
Would I stop using it? For now, yes. In future, I would definitely want to use it but in a different way which I would explain in another post.

My verdict...I really do not like to see outbreaks on my skin when I stop using a product. I have abandoned some products due to this. If I grow darker, I can handle it but eczema.....nooooo. It saddens me to have had this experience with this product because I love it but there are some things I can't really handle. Right now, I am using the soap mentioned above and a treatment body lotion. My skin has healed greatly and I'm quite happy. 
Do you have similar experience with this product or not? Please share on thw comment section. I would really love to hear from you. 


  1. This is the fake one. The original
    one doesn't have the pawpaw in print. I use the soap my self.

    1. Hello Joy,
      I have used that including the new improved one but I've found out that none is as effective as the one with Pawpaw imprint. The original one is quite scarce to see

    2. Now am confused.. pls who knows how to identify the original one

    3. Now am confused.. pls who knows how to identify the original one

    4. Now am confused.. pls who knows how to identify the original one

    5. Hello Aminat,
      I've used a lot of Asantee Papaya and the ones that usually work for me, are the ones that have papaya imprinted on the body of the soap.

  2. I’m actually here to find out which one is the original.. the papaya imprinted or the Asantee imprinted

  3. Pls how can you identify the fake and the original

  4. The one that has Asantee imprint is the original one