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It is product review day and this product is actually one of my favourites. I was introduced to this product since last year and since then, I have been using it until recently. This post is all about my experience with this product and here it is.

The first week I started using it, I ended up getting more than two shades lighter. I noticed my skin became smoother, lighter and it was really glowing. Ironically, while it was quite effective on my skin, it was the opposite for my sis, a client and some friends I bought the soap for.

While using it

 They complained about occurrence of eczema and acne and I kept asking myself, if it was the same soap they were actually talking about. I decided they had bought the substandard versions but all of them couldn't have bought fakes, nao...So one day, I decided to risk it and stop using it because I wanted to see if the lightening effects would continue even if I stopped using it.

I opted for a plain moisturizing face wash and a moisturizer. During the first week, the going was good, no complaints, no darkening, so breakouts whatsoever and I was already deciding to continue with this new routine. Unfortunately, the second week was something else......

When I stopped
Come and see pimples and eczema on my face!!! I could handle the acne but eczema on my face was a no no for me. I had to get an antibiotic tube and made this soap  to help heal my skin. Finally, my skin was finally becoming better, halleluyah... 

 Do I hate this product? No..
Would I stop using it? For now, yes. In future, I would definitely want to use it but in a different way which I would explain in another post.

My verdict...I really do not like to see outbreaks on my skin when I stop using a product. I have abandoned some products due to this. If I grow darker, I can handle it but eczema.....nooooo. It saddens me to have had this experience with this product because I love it but there are some things I can't really handle. Right now, I am using the soap mentioned above and a treatment body lotion. My skin has healed greatly and I'm quite happy. 
Do you have similar experience with this product or not? Please share on thw comment section. I would really love to hear from you. 

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