26 Sept 2017

Last week, I posted a question on my social media platforms. I asked if using only natural ingredients in your skincare formulations can lighten the complexion dramatically?
So many people have asked me this question.They wanted to know if they could swap to using organic products for a lighter complexion? Would it work? I think this is as a result, of peole becoming conscious of what they are applying on their skin and the desire to go the natural skincare way. Well, I had some responses from skincare professionals/ therapists and here they are:

Tresbodorganics-"The question ought to be rephrased. Yes, White skin is achievable using natural ingredients it all depends on the degree of whitening you are looking for. Also note when using natural ingredients it goes through a process that can last for up to a year(i am a living witness). It also entails a combination of different regimen (soap, scrubs, toner, mask with natural lightening ingredients not just cream alone). The process will be different from someone who uses chemical actives that boost the process faster in 5 days. As a skin therapist I make creams based on a clients skin type. Some times it is a blend of both organic and inorganic actives."

Sapphirebeautyhairandskincare-"From my own experience I have not really seen only organic ingredients giving someone a whitish like half cast whitish complexion..what I know of is usually a blend of organic and few inorganic ingredients to achieve that whitish complexion and I feel if at all the organic properties can give a whitish complexion, it would take a lot of time and most clients don't like to wait that long, they want to see results as early as a week and most times the pressure to look white that stems from the fact that people tend to like light skinned people more. I had a client who contacted me that she wanted a quick whitening product cos her husband was cheating on her with a light skinned lady, I felt for her but I didn't prescribe any fast whitening product, I advised her that she has to decide whether she's changing complexion cos she really wants to or cos of her husband and if it was what she really wanted , then she would have to use a product that would lighten her gradually and not just overnight, so yes most people want overnight results and I don't think organic products alone can achieve that can only lighten but not whiten like half cast , only glutathione injections honestly do that. Thank you."
Esmeraldaz-"Some organic ingredients when combined will give you whitish skin! What makes a cream work faster are boosters such as whitening serums when added to a formulation. I also ask you... Is Glycolic or lactic or ferulic or malic or kojic acids... Are they organic or not? Is glutathione not organic? Arbutin, licorice, what about sepiwhite, gigawhite (a combo of 7 flowers)....not to mention the citric family... I can name alot more organic stuffs. Discovery has gone so far and yes organic ingredients when rightly combined and used complementarily as in other product varieties such toner, cleanser, mask, soap etc as suggested by@tresbodorganics ....will make the skin white over time! Note that even the strongest cream might not work as fast for someone like it might for another".

I totally agree with all their response but I also think it is actually not possible to get that dramatic transformation from dark skinned to light skinned in a short span using only pure organic products. It requires a regimen and consistent use of a combination of skincare products over time. Ingredients such as serums and quality lightening powders help a lot. To me, the best is a blend of both organic and inorganic actives which are healthy for the skin. But it is the desire of most clients to whiten overnight that gives me concern.

So here you have it, my response and those of my colleagues. What do you think? Is it possible to get the dramatic change in complexion using only organic products? I would love to hear your opinions. Until my next post, stay blessed and have a wonderful week.