4 Sept 2017

There are several ways of lightening the skin without resorting to use of harsh chemicals on our skin. There are also several organic ingredients in the market which are inexpensive and can do job;
Almond powder is one of those ingredients. Almonds contain amino acids, essential fatty acids and vitamin E that work wonders for the skin. The powders can be used to minimize blemishes,pigmentation and lighten the skin. It is usually used Almond for exfoliating the skin because it helps in removing the dull, chaffed skin, thereby making the skin soft and lightening the complexion. It can be used to combat acne, to renew aging skin, reduce wrinkle lines, combating dry skin, remove dark circles and reducing open pores.

Listed below are some of my favourite almond masks.

Almond and Saffron Powder
Mix one tablespoon of each powder with milk and apply over your face and neck. Leave for 15 mins, until dry, then wash off.This is perfect for reviving dull complexion. Buy Almond powder here

Almond and orange peel powder with honey and milk.
Mix one teaspoon of orange peel and almond powder with one tablespoon of honey and milk over moist face . Apply in a circular motion. Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse off. This can be used as an exfoliant, revive dull complexion and brighten the complexion.

Almond, lemon peel powder, milk powder and coconut milk
Mix one teaspoon each of lemon peel powder, milk powder, coconut milk, almonds powder together and apply this whitening face mask on your face. Once dry, wash clean the face mask with cold water. This is a whitening face treatment for you and can be applied repeatedly unyil you get the desired complexion of your choice

You can also try out this whitening skin recipe to get rid of dark knuckles and elbows.