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This post is for people who want to whiten up to 3-4 shades lighter .
Call me a product junkie and so love experimenting with products. When it comes to whitening, one of my greatest fears is using products that would cause sun burns, stretch marks or thin my skin, thus resulting in green veins. As a result, I had to start formulating for clients and brands and have gotten favorable feedbacks. I have also worked with and recommended some products which turned out to be very good for whitening, which I would be discussing in this post.
Now to the post- Strictly for those who want to brighten or lighten their skin tone with safe and healthy products. I know quite a few persons who want to glow but do not want the blemishes that commonly occur with whitening. These are some of my topmost products , as I am using some of them, have used some of them and know a lot of people who use them and the reviews have been great,

 1. The Active Plus Kit 

I call this the Starter Kit. If you intend whitening, you should start with this kit. It helps prepare your skin for the later stages kit. This is a whole mood kit. You do not need to mix this kit. Products in this kit include- face cream, face soap, face toner/serum, exfoliator, body lotion and black soap and this kit costs 25,000 Naira. Give this kit two weeks and you start seeing the glow. The kit tends to give a golden hue, instead of whitish hue. Hence, if you're dark skinned and you start using this kit, you start seeing a nice golden glow to your skin. Did I mention, it clears blemishes and makes your skin feel supple and soft? This is another of our best selling kit and the response has been overwhelmingly beautiful. I love this kit , as it helped me revive my skin tone and I've been recommending it since then. 

 2. The Skin White Kit 

This range comprises of face cream, face soap, lightening or whitening body lotion() you choose), body exfoliator, collagen oil and black soap. It costs 25,000 Naira for all of these products and when used together, they work really really great. Infact, the glow is out of this world. I personally recommend this set, as I these particular set are always sold out and the reviews are beautiful. This is some screenshots of the reviews. 
HOW TO USE-I recommend using the face cream and soap twice daily, the exfoliator twice daily, the black soap twice daily and body cream twice daily. You do not need to mix anything whatsoever. Just buy, use and glow away. The black soap is my favorite as it is made with mulberry and fruit extracts which helps to get rid of blemishes slowly but effectively. The collagen oil is the main bae. You apply all over your neck and face twice daily after exhausting the face cream for maximum glow. 

 3. The Fair and White Skincare Kit 
This range is generally for a golden hued complexion. People say this product do not work but I tell them, if you know what to use, then you would love it. To use this kit, you need to do a little bit of mixing but not to worry, you only need to mix just two products to this mix. 

HOW TO USE-I recommend using the Maxi tone Variant. You mix with Collagen Extra Forte, two tubes of Fair and White gel, Frankincense and Tea tree oil. Use with Coffee exfoliator, Skin white-face cream, Whitening face soap and Black soap for body use. When you buy this kit, you get free body exfoliator. Get all products in this kit HERE

Trust me, when you use any of this kit, you would love your skin. You start seeing results in a week to 2 weeks time. The glow starts gradually but beautifully. You can order for this kit from our online store, as we source for this products directly from the manufacturers and do not sell substandard products. Please note that using sub standard products would not give the effects as written on this post.

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