27 Apr 2020

This recipe is one of my favourites,  as it is quite easy to make and requires no professional knowledge. This recipe calls for Fair and White lotions (Maxitone or So carrot),  as base cream. All the rest ingredients, you add and mix.
Let's start mixing!!!
Fair and white so white maxi Tone lotion/cream/so carrot lotion- 250ml
RETIN A gel 0.05%- 1PCs
F&W skin perfector Gel.- 2 PCs.
Mushroom bleaching powder- 1 full tablespoons.
Vitamin E oil- 1tablespoon
Frankincense ESS oil. 10 drops.
1tablespoons of preservative.
Colour- 3 drops pink colour.
Fragrance- 3 drops floral fragrance.

You would probably be wondering when did fair and white become the product to go for. The trick is using ORIGINAL fair and white products. To shop for your original Fair and White products, click here.
By the time you've used it for a month.
You will be hooked!
Its a very very very nice mix. My prefered base would be the so carrot lotion. But if you can't find original use the 250ml maxi Tone lotion or the 250grams cream.
This particular mix is your night cream. Don't use during the day. For daytime use,  I revommend using the Body Shop SPF 50

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