26 Mar 2020

Achieving pink lips according to some is a tad difficult. Some of the recipes I see all over the internet include ingredients that simply overwhelm me,  hence I decided to just stick to what I know using the following ingredients:

Pink lips balm( vaseline)
Papaya Salt scrub
Beetroot juice
Shea Butter

Using pink lips balm is great great and great. But I have this little home remedy that when combined with your pink lips balm, takes your pink lips to a whole new level. 
It plumps out your lips, gives supple babylike innocence to the lips, intensifies the pinkness of the lips. 
And just gives like a 2.0 pink lips experience. 
1. First use a mixture of papaya salt scrub and honey to scrub your lips very well
2. Press out the juice from 1 lime, 1 Tomato and 1 teaspoon of beetroot powder. 
Mix the resulting solution. And strain it out to get a pink liquid. 

After doing step 1,  use the liquid from step 2,  using a cotton wool. 
After scrubbing and wipe down with this liquid. 
Apply your pink lips balm 
And then smear on Ghana Shea butter on lips. Leave overnight. Y
Do the lip liquid thing and the scrubbing 3 times a week. 

On days you won't use the beetroot liquid mix and the scrub, smear honey, rinse off. Apply the balm,  the Shea butter and sleep. 
This home tips+ your pink lips balm really does make a difference. 


Top Tips for Choosing Ingredients

  • Make sure you purchase all your ingredients from a licensed, trusted and registered stockhist.
  • All products have expiry date, so ensure that all your ingredients still have a long shelf life when buying.
  • Store your oils in a cool, dry place and if needed gently warm up oils in your hands.

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