23 Aug 2019

Wink white is a really amazing product that would not turn you to Snow White but will lighten you to 3 shades and give you a clean golden glow. However, it would not give you good results if you do not use it the right way. Most people who have bought the product usually complain about its ineffectiveness but that is because they are using it the wrong way and not combining it with the right products. I would tell you the right way to use it for maximum results, so here we go.

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Wink white night crème.
Wink white Day creme.
DNA kojic soap/Carrot Glow Soap
 An effective whitening scrub
+ Gluta Apfin Glutathione supplement
OR Gluta pancea Glutathione supplement.
Or Gluta prime Glutathione supplement.
Vitamin C supplement. 1,500mg.
Buy all these products for 30,000 Naira and get a free toner Buy Now!

How to use.
Use the DNA kojic or Carrot Glow wash on your body twice daily.
Use any Black soap face wash, Bumbine soap or skin radiance for the face. Leave on for 5 minutes before washing off.
Dry your face and use a beauty toner of your choice.
Use the night lotion on face and body, at night before going to bed and use the day creme during the day on both face and body.

You should ensure to do a full body scrub every week to enable the products to work fast. If your skin care product is not effective, the reason might be due to blocked skin pores. I liken blocked skin pores to a net that is filled with dust. If you do not sweep or dust off the dirt, fresh air or ventilation would not be able to pass through. Now, that is what the scrub does. The scrub helps to get rid of dirt and unblock the skin pores. When your skin is cleared of dirt, skincare products pass through the skin layers easily and become effective quickly. Please contact the blog admin using the details on the contact page to purchase any of the products in this post. Until my next post, remain beautiful