11 Aug 2019

This is one review I have always wanted to review considering the popularly of this product. Early this year, I stopped using any lotion as a result of the harmattan season.  I was using just Olive oil and Shea Butter and my skin paid for it, dearly. My skin became so dry and flaky, that a friend who came to visit complained incessantly and ended up by this product for me because the seller said it would revive my complexion. When I saw it , I was a bit hesistant as I had used the range some years ago but it did nada for my skin. I was a bit relieved when I saw it was the maxitone variant and that eased my mind a little. I hoped for the best and started using it. Before I did, I mixed it with 30 ml bottle of frankincense oil, 10 ml bottle of tea tree oil, 1 bottle of the Skin Perfector serum and half bottle of Beauty Series oil ( I threw away both containers before I remembered I should have taken a picture). I used this body scrubthis body scrub, SoZa Beauty Skin Radiance soap and the So White face cream that comes in a tube form alongside it.

For the first two weeks, there wasn't any noticeable result on my body. My hands and legs were darker than the rest of my body until I started using the scrub in earnest. 4 weeks later, there was a noticeable improvement, my legs and hands had started succumbing to the products. My skin started having that nice shade of golden brown and I was delighted. To curb the sun rays, I was always wearing a 'jalabia', so as to reduce the impact of the sun rays on my arms. Acne was also kept at bay, probably as a result of the tea tree oil.

 I am on the second bottle but this time, I included Tresses and Body Toner to my regimen and it's been an amazing skin experience so far. ( Please note-I used the the So white Skin Perfector years ago- not this maxitone, but my experience with that variant was not satisfying. I even bought the Skin Perfector soap along with it, then but I noticed I got a shade lighter when I stayed indoors for a couple of weeks. After that,I went a shade darker. The soap also caused acne for me, so I stopped halfway). I think I would rather stick to my maxi-tone, thank you!!

My brown skin 

According to the reviews online, some have good experiences with the product, others complained about black knuckles, sunburns e.t.c To be honest, this product requires patience, otherwise you would use it half way and throw it away. Despite the fact, that maxitone was written on it, it wouldn't have done anything maxitone, if I hadn't mixed it. That is one of the issues about this So White Range. If you don't mix it, the results would be really slow or might even darken you. If you do, you would actually love the results. Most importantly, no green veins or dark knuckles would be noticeable
For people who would still want to use this product, I suggest getting the whole package. You can order for the whole package via our online store. All products are 100% authentic and affordable.


  1. Thanks for the info. Please which face cream, body cream and soap can you recommend for someone light in complexion with dark knuckles and uneven skin tone.