19 Jul 2020

Get your skin glowing by using this recipe that contains lots of moisturizing and exfoliating ingredients. I have always tweaked my body washes to suit my needs for over five years and used a lot of recipes in the process. But I am currently stuck on one which has helped maintain my skin's ph balance and has kept acne away.. This recipe contains natural ingredients which helps to exfoliate your skin quite nicely, thus leaving it with a beautiful glow.


 Most of the ingredients in this recipe, are inexpensive and can be sourced from major cosmetic and skincare outlets around you. This is one of my favorite formulations and I absolutely love it.


500ml of liquid wash soap base- For this project, I used Magic Potion Body Wash.
Bromelain-100ml-a badass exfoliant
Papain-50ml-another badass exfoliant
Mushroom powder-50 grams.- an extract of kojic acid. It lightens the skin tone
Kojic Acid-50 grams- It lightens the skin tone
Moroccan clay powder-50 grams- Helps in cleansing the skin
Turmeric powder-50 grams-For lightening
Honey-100ml- I use it for all my body washes..
1 teaspoon of Phenonip preservative
15 drops Citrus fragrance oil

Essential Oils.
Cinnamon ESS oil-20 drops.
Eucalyptus ESS oil-20 drops.
Patchouli ESS oil-20 drops.

Add everything into the base shower gel and mix in.

Add in 2 tablespoons of your preservative. 
Add in 10-15 drops of your citrus fragrance.
I mixed with a wooden spatula, after which I mixed with a stick blender. 

That's all.

So you see, it is very easy to make, anytime, any day. This is an exfoliating treatment soap, which might will give you a nice glow and lighter skin tone with consistent usage. This body wash helps to clear blemishes and spots, moisturizes your skin  and keep blemishes at bay.


Okay, so you couldn't find Magic Potion Shower gel in the market? These are good alternatives that you can use.
BISMID BODY WASH – This is my favorite soap and my go-to body wash whenever I need a soap that works fast and maintains my complexion. It is inexpensive and affordable. The trick is getting the original one, hence you can buy from original vendors and stockhist or simply buy via the link.

PURE EGYPTIAN WHITENING BODY WASH–. This is one soap that adds a beautiful glow to the skin tone. You can use as a base soap

K-BROTHERS LIQUID SOAP- This is not a registered product of K-Brothers Thailand, but it is quite popular for use, as a base when making body washes. I have used it several times and it does a good job when it comes to cleansing the skin.

Top Tips for Choosing Ingredients

  • Make sure you purchase all your ingredients from a licensed, trusted and registered stockhist.
  • All products have expiry date, so ensure that all your ingredients still have a long shelf life when buying.
  • Store your oils in a cool, dry place and if needed gently warm up oils in your hands.

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