Addictives for Skin Care

21 Oct 2016

Addictives are usually some of the most important ingredients in handmade creams and lotion formulations. It is mostly used for super lightening purposes. They can be in form of ampoules, serums, solutions e.t.c

They perform a wide range of functions which include skin lightening, complexion boosting, complexion unifying, knuckle eraser, stretch marks eraser and so much more. Sometimes you have to use more than one bottle of same brand or different bottles of different brands to get perfect  results. 

It is quite necessary to have a basic knowledge of them as some might cause adverse effects if not used properly. 
The popular ones which are quite favoured by mixologists include kojic acid, glutathione powder, alpha arbutin, licorice extract, vitamin c absorbic acid, Niacinamide, magic kenacol, crude kenacol, nature secret oil,moroccan whitening oil, kojie san oil, magic white oil, rapid white oil and so on..... 
Most whitening/lightening additives are water soluble ingredients and can be added to creams, soaps, scrubs and oils. 


First, dissolve with water by adding drop by drop of water to the additive in a separate bowl, then stir dissolved additive into your cream or lotion
If adding to previously made cream and it's very thick and stiff, you may want to remove from container, place in another bowl, use hand mixer to mix, then transfer back to the container. Often you can simply stir it right into the cream. 
Below, is an example of a recipe which makes perfect use of addictives. 

Take half cup of your base cream and add
Nature secrete face cream- 3 tbsps
Quick clear serum-2 tbsps 
Lavender oil- 2 tsps
Magic Kenacol - 2 tsps
Mix dem together for a perfect blend. For any desired effect, simply add any desired oil of your choice. 

Which addictives are your most preferred and how do you apply them? I would love to hear from you. 

Until my next post, remain blessed.