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Reviewing a product is one aspect of blogging I love and this is a product I have been wanting to review but I had to wait to start noticing results before writing anything.

So, a relative has been using this product for over a year now, she actually recommended this last year to me, but I was a bit skeptical because I wanted to see its effects on her skin before recommending.

She arrived Lagos and was already on her fourth bottle. I loved her complexion when I saw her and was quite pleased with how she was looking.  I was a bit scared of her complexion turning to red because she's naturally fair in complexion but I noticed no sign of that, rather her complexion was spotless and uniform.

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Trust me, I just had to try it out on my skin. She gave me about  ten tablespoons out of the bottle to use, hence I started using it.

Now here's my verdict.

Week 1: I was scared of using it because it contains carrot oil and I always react to anything carrot. Surprisingly, there was no reaction, not a single spot on my face and most importantly no uneveness in my whole complexion from head to toe.
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Week 2:
My complexion was up to two shades lighter (I was satisfied with that, I really didn't want the ten shades stuff). I had no bumps, no reactions whatever.
(This picture was not edited, no filters and I didn't use foundations or concealers. I prefer using white, talcum or any oil control powder. I used a concealer for my brows and under my eyes only).

Week 3:
I had to stop using it morning and night because I was getting lighter than I wanted. So,I used it at night and Olive Moisturizing oil during the day.
Also, I noticed that despite the fact that I usually go out into the sun quite often (and the sun isn't smiling at all), I didn't get sunburned. Though I would always recommend sunblock, continuing without one would definitely get sunburned and that is something I really don't want.

Since I started using it, I noticed I was sweating more than I used to,  (which is one of the reasons I stopped using it during the day). Hence if you sweat a lot, I would advise you to limit using it or look for another product.

 I don't know if I would continue using it for long but I'm quite satisfied with the effects so far. It's quite affordable, about 4,000 Naira.
You can use it with the soap for a better effect. I can't say if it lightens up to 5 shades as I haven't seen anyone who has lightened up to such shade, using the cream).
It's good for all skin types but I think my dry skinned sisters would love it more.

I have been recommending it to some people, because my experience with it has been mostly positive so far.
What's your experience with this product?

Yay or Nay? 

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