10 Dec 2016

Over the past few weeks, I have been extremely busy, hence writing or doing anything has been practically impossible except for the classes which I can't stop. 
But regardless of my work schedule, I managed to make one of my favorite oils-carrot oil last week. 

Carrots are rich in nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and E, beta-carotene, and a whole lot of other antioxidants. Initially I was a bit skeptical about this oil as I have had breakouts when using products containing carotene or carrot oil, but after using Clear nature carrot cream without having breakouts, I decided to explore everything carrot. 

Carrot oil  has wonderful conditioning properties. I love it because it unifies and tones the skin complexion, slows down aging, heals damaged skin, slows down signs of aging, stimulates hair growth,  and is the perfect moisturizer for this season.
It is very easy to make,very affordable and can last for up to three months.

To make this super rich oil, I used;

Manual grinder 
Stainless plate or pan
Bottles or plastic container
Sieve or cloth (to sieve out carrot residue)

Carrot-2 pieces
Coconut oil - 3 tbsps 
Vitamin E oil-2 tbsps 
Turmeric oil - 1 tbsp

   1. Make sure the carrots are washed and aired for about 3 hours-this reduces the water content in the carrots and increases the shelf life of the carrots. 
   2. Use a knife to scrape out the skin of the carrots
   3. Grate the carrot using a manual blender

4. Pour the grated carrots into the pan or stainless plate
5.Pour the oils over the grated carrots and mix. 


  6. Place on a cooker or stove for 3 minutes.
  7. Make sure the heat is low as we only want to warm the mixture not boil or fry.
  8. Pour into bottles and allow to settle for 24hrs.

  9.Strain using a sieve to get a clear liquid.

Usually, people make use of different oils such as coconut or olive oil,but I used some of my favorite oils. They are all super duper moisturizers,makes the skin firmer,reduces aging lines and the best part,no reactions or breakouts since I started using it. You can make yours at home using your favorite oils. For a lightening carrot oil,simply add any additive of your choice, lightening serum or oil to the mixture.