12 Oct 2016

The best skin lightening or beautifying  kits usually include an oil. It is assumed that the oil increases the lightening effect in such products. The most popular ones include Egyptian Oil, Talking Oil, Moroccan Oil, Half Caste Oil,  Flawless Oil and so on.... 

These oils assume their name, not based on the countries by which they are named after, but rather based on their effect. For example, the half caste oil is supposed to make one look like an halfcaste while the flawless oil is supposed to make one look flawless. 

These oils are most times essential or carrier oils mixed with various lightening serums or actives. The serums are usually very active, that it is only suitable for health use when mixed with essential or carrier oils. 

Some are made with lightening ampoules, bleaching oils, citric or  glycolic acid and so on. The more the quantity of these serums, the more ligthening effects it produces. 

Do they work?  Yes, they do but only if you are lucky to get a genuine mixologist who knows her job well and who has got proof or good reviews from clients.

There are some good mixologists whose oils do wonders. Their reviews are outstanding and some client can't stop talking about them........ 

They would be discussed in my next post based on reviews and complaints. If you believe your product deserves to be in the list or you know someone whose products are so amazing, kindly let us know and they would be included in my next post. 
Until my next post.... cheers.....