6 Oct 2016

It's no secret to my ardent followers that I'm an organic freak. If you haven't gotten on board, then you are on a long thing.......

I recently bought an handmade soap...made with lemongrass black soap to be precise due to occurrence of rashes and whiteheads on my face. I was a bit reluctant to get one because I have used a black soap in the past and my experience with it was not funny at all. I used Swissgarde T-Basics cream patiently, for good six months to get rid of the scars, I haven't touched one since then.
But I got one from my favorite supplier, Lynda Mpoch after I saw the reviews and I'm glad I did. I do not regret in anyway buying it. It was a good choice.

Let's just say, I am already hooked onto it. I would be getting a second bar next week.
I use it with my herbal serum mixed with coconut oil and I'm so loving it. Oh!  I still get breakouts (bound to happen if you have oily skin) but they don't last long, no whiteheads, no rashes and my skin is softer. And to crown it all, she just told me of the Honey- frankincense, Neem-turmeric soaps in stock.

I almost cried.... They are currently on my wishlist. I would definitely get one or two next week.
What more can I say?... I love organics!!!!!! Come on board.