31 Aug 2020

Molatto soap is a popular soap that is making waves at the moment. Most formulators have jumped onto this bandwagon and the reviews have been super-duper amazing.  It is made using the melt and pour or the rebatch soap making method. This soap gives you 4-5 shades lighter and is really effective. The original recipes demanded for quite a lot of ingredients which I used but I also tweaked mine and added some natural lightening and moisturizing ingredients of my own. Here is what I used This soap gives you 4-5 skin shades lighter with no green veins or reaction.


Soap Bars
Carowhite Soap-1pc
K brother carrot soap-1 pc
Glutathione Comprime Soap -1 pc
White Harsh Soap-7 balls 
3 days whitening soap- 1 pack
Yellow Ozone-1 pc
 Larissa Soap-1 pcs
Asantee Papaya soap- 5 pcs

Powders and Herbs
Sandalwood Powder-50g

Piment Doux Serum-1 bottle
Soap Activator-250ml
Ginger Essential Oil-30ml
Gluta C serum-1 bottle

1.Grate the soaps, in a sterilized bowl. Put them in a crock pot for 15-20 mins on low heat and stir to soften them.
2. Add the liquids and leave overnight.
3. Next day the powders, herbs and stick blend.
4. Package in a container and keep for 24hrs. Your 5d Whitening  soap is ready. You can add micas or colouring powders to give it a different colour. Mine changed to brown after I left it for 24 hours, so if you do not want this colour, you can add camwood powder to give it a reddish tint or turmeric powder to give it a yellow or orange tint. is ready!!!

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  1. You're fantastically doing well.

  2. Sincerely, you are given your best, thanks for the updates. I appreciate your efforts.

  3. Is there any tips you could give to me, to help me move 2 shades lighter than my skin tone right now especially my face,its way darker than my skin.I'm dark skinned....melanated

    1. Dear Unknown,
      All you need is a good natural skincare brand that lightens and exfoliates your skin. Please, don't go for extreme whitening products. Start slowly but you would surely get there.

  4. You're very good in what you're doing. Plz what cream can I use to get good light shade

  5. Please what if i don't have crockpot