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This brand caught my attention when I saw some of my contacts putting it up on their status. I wanted to try it out recently, when a friend I visited was also telling me about it. I tried researching about it and saw many reviews about it. Most of the reviews were positive but I initially had doubts about purchasing it due to the following reasons.

1. No much information about the manufacturing company:
All I saw online was that it was manufactured in Japan by Jaw White. I am still unable to find out anything about the company, as at the time of writing this post.

2. Stories about fakes
I also learnt that fake products were abound in the market. Both the fakes and originals were sold at high prices, so I didn't really know where to purchase genuine product from until I was able to get a jar from my sister who bought two bottles...Lol, I had to swipe one..

There are 40 supplements in one bottle and are to be taken every two days- one gel every two days. For faster results, it can be taken daily but with  plenty water and food. I also  mine with a Vitamin C, as I am an absolute fan of Vitamin C supplements. One thing I noticed about this product, is that I get hungry very often and if I don't eat well, I start getting drowsy.
As for whitening, it gives a glow, rather than express whitening. I am still using it and would post further updates.

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