Acne can be a source of concern to anyone. Anything can trigger it. From hormonal imbalance, allergic reactions to wrong use of products, substandard products, stress, heat and so on. Getting rid of it can also be a hussle especially if you have sensitive skin. I remember when I used a very popular brand of soap, which I thought was the secret to a glowing skin.Two weeks later, I had acne all over my face. It took me six months to recover my clear skin. I have used tons of products for treating acne, especially during my teenage years and have discovered some home remedies which have really been of being of help to me. They are quite affordable, easy to make and quite effective.




Get 1 bottle of Eskinol Cleanser

Add half or a quarter of a teaspoon of Salicylic Acid

Add a tablespoon of lactic acid (combo of this as a peel is good for roseceaacne, those pimples like boils)

Shake very well or if in a bowl, mix properly.

Apply after every wash before applying your cream.

Brand Recommendation:



Mix and apply over the face.

Sulphur causes reactions on some skin type. So, if your skin is allergic to sulphur or you get acne when you use it, please try the next recipe.

Brand Recommendation: Shira Organics



Oregano essential oil-Buy here

Clove essential oil-Buy here

Please a few drops of each essential oil (these two oils are powerful antiseptic). If it's too much it will burn your face. I love clove and oregano, I once advised a friend to mix a drop of clove into her cream and it really was effective in treating the burns. The sudocreme might separate when you mix all of the above. The secret is using at most two drops in the 50g of sudocreme or simply take a little bit of sudocreme(maybe 25g) and mix with one drop each of the essential oils in a separate container.


1 Tbs Rice Flour, 

1 Tbs Turmeric 

Half Tsp Milk, 

1 Tbs Hempseed Oil-Buy here

Mix all together to form a paste, apply on face and leave for like 30mins to stick on your face them wash off. Try this recipe once a week and watch your face transform.

People with facial issues like acne should always wash their faces very well, cleanse and wash make up off before going to bed. They should also drink lots of water, wear less make up, don't use bare hands to pop pimples, stop junk foods, reduce sugar intake and have a good night rest/sleep (a.k.a Beauty Sleep).