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Kylie Jenner recently released her skincare line and we absolutely love the look of it. It is called Kylie Skin and like everything Kylie does, it seems she already has a winner in her hands. From the packaging to cost, everything- it seems was well thought of. This is an overview of the line.

1. PACKAGING- The colour theme for the whole line is pink/fuschia. It’s attractive and doesn’t seem so girlish regardless of the color. They did not go overboard with the design and it is what I like to call- “minimal but stylish”. No clashing of colours either, everything synchronizes each other perfectly- But then, we don’t expect anything less than brilliant from the Kylie Beauty Team, do we?

2. PRODUCT- It seems the line was established with a skincare routine in mind. The products are seven in total and cover everything you need for starting a routine. It is actually a fabulous idea as it would help those who wants to start a routine, but do not have an idea of where to start. There is also a travel bag which holds six products- Kylie really wants us to think of her when on the road. Imagine just having a small bag housing absolutely everything you need to take care of your skin when travelling - sounds fabulous, right? The products include:Travel Bag, Make -up Wipes, Face Wash, Face Scrub, Vitamin C Serum, Eye Cream, Vanilla Face Toner and Face Moisturizer.

Travel Bag

Make-up Wipes

Face Wash

Walnut Face Scrub

Vitamin C Serum

Eye Cream

Vanilla Milk Toner

Face Moisturizer

3. COST- When I heard Kylie was going to release some products- I was prepared for anything above 50 dollars. Imagine my surprise when I saw that most of the products were below 50 dollars-amazzzzzing. Trust Kylie fans, the travel bags were sold out on the launch date and most of the products are already sold out!!!! I almost cried when I saw ‘sold out’ cause I had those bags in mind. The price is quite good for a luxury brand and I do believe that so many people would agree with me. You can get Kylie Skin from here and from the incoming reviews, it seems the brand is on swift when it comes to delivering and shipping and yes.....they ship worldwidwe.

In conclusion, I would say, Kylie brought out her guns for this line. I love her business acumen as she captured the need of every skincare enthusiast out there in one single line. I love the packaging-minimal but stylish, no going overboard, just simple but attractive. The cost also makes it possible for someone on a low budget to get their hands on everything they need to take care of their face. I mean with 22 dollars, you already have six products to make your skincare routine dream. come true. With everything I've seen, this is beautiful - not bad at all..Weldone, Kylie!!!

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