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I went to see a family friend last week and she joyously informed me that a mutual family friend had put to birth.  I was so overjoyed, because I know the person in question had been trying to conceive for a while. It also meant that the naming ceremony was around the corner and I was looking forward to the party jollof rice, or I so I thought.

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When I mentioned my thoughts to the family friend, she immediately hushed me and said, ‘No naming o. She gave birth through CS. I was like, ’Oh, okay. I understand’. But within me, I understood nada.  I was like-isn’t it the same thing?  Should one not have a naming or thanksgiving ceremony if she’s strong enough for it? Is it not a reason to also give thanks for safe delivery?  Does undergoing a CS mean the woman underwent a terrible thing and shouldn’t be celebrated? Is it a taboo for one to have a CS instead of a normal delivery? 

Trust me; I have encountered so many scenarios where the mention of a woman having a Cesarean Section is likened to the woman committing a taboo or a sacrilege. Any ceremony performed by the family is usually hush hush. She is looked upon with pity as if she had spent the family’s fortune or she underwent a very critical operation, that she was lucky to have come out from.

Ironically, most women nowadays are gladly opting for a CS even before the doctor asking.  I heard one reason is because some do not want to go through the pain of having a natural birth, while some say having a CS would not make your vagina walls slacken..Hmm….. What do I know, though?  I have never been pregnant and really cannot say which one I would opt for.  Time would tell. Have you experienced some of the afore mentioned reactions from friends or family members, if you gave birth via CS?

  1. So true...I gave birth via cs and my husband still say I am not strong as those that gave birth via natural delivery