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How to make carrot lightening cream

It's the season of carrots and you can practically see them everywhere.They are also cheaper during this period and are very much affordable.We all know that carrot is a vegetable that is rich in beta-carotene but I love them for the five good reasons:

1. Repairs skin tissues.
2.Gets rid of scars and blemishes.
3.Prevents wrinkles and slows down the aging process of the skin.
4.Protects against harmful skin rays.
5. Hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

Looking good, right?

I included them into a lotion I made recently and the result was awesome. I made a moisturizing lotion which was not greasy but light enough to penetrate easily into the skin.It smelt like bananas because I used banana fragrance-I love bananas.I included a lightening serum into it-nothing harmful,no hydroquinone or steriods.The serum contains carotene and whitening fruit acids which enhances and clarifies the skin complexion. The ingredients are inexpensive and can be easily gotten from your local organic store.


You'll need

* 1 bottle of 7 days carrot serum
* 2 tbsps carrot seed oil
* 10 grams mango buttet
* 25 grams ewax
*180 grams warm water
*10g carrot puree
*1tablespoon fragrance oil of choice
*1teaspoon of preservative

 1. Pour ur ewax, mango butter and carrot seed oil in a bowl.Using a double boiler or microwave melt the oils and wax.
2. Rinse the carrots and scrape out the back if it's too dirty.
3. Boil the carrots in a saucepan.
4. Leave for 10 minutes.Bring it down and blend it.Set the puree and the boiled water from the carrots aside.
5. Now slowly add ur boiled carrot water into the oil and stick blend it. Add your preservative, carrot puree and serum.
6.Stick blend again.
7.Add fragrance or essential oils of choice.
8.Pour into ur containers.

Isn't it easy? I love this harmful can lighten your skin and give you that glow that you seek...You can swap with any puree of your choice..You can also skip the mango butter and ewax and simply swap with a base cream. Or you can use an already made whitening cream such as Abonne, Magic Arbutin lotion or Gluta wink white..... These are plain whitening lotions with no harmful additives and can help make your skin glow.

Like I said earlier, you don't need to break the bank with this lotion and it is very good for people who want to have a blemish free and lighter complexion...Have you tried a lotion like this before? I would love to hear from you..Until my next post, remain beautiful...