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Acne can really be daunting especially to those of us who cherish having our skin blemish free. Hence when they pop up we resort to finding quick treatments to getting rid of them. 

I have a combination skin type that sometimes gives me an headache. So most times,I do get breakouts on the T-zone area of my face as well as my cheeks. 
Often, I run out of funds for a quick fix such as anti-acne creams but then I usually have reactions such as boils on my face after using some of these creams. Over the years, I have developed my own personal treatments for these breakouts and it has been working for me. 
Most of these treatments surprisingly comes out from my kitchen. Some of them include:

1.The toothpaste treatment. 
I came across this once,when reading about the beauty treatments of an ex-beauty queen on a magazine. She said she mixes toothpaste (especially the white ones) with dusting powder. I tried it out and it worked for me. People say the white Colgate toothpaste works better. I haven't tried it out and don't use toothpaste anymore but people do, especially for quick fix.

2. Alum
I have tried using Alum.and trust me, it works. The only problem I have with it, is that it leaves scars. But then, what are scars when I have Tea Tree oil and honey on my shelf. Those two combos work wonders.

3. Tea Tree / Chamomile oil

Have you tried using undiluted Tea Tree/ Chamomile for treating acne? It's best used with a carrier oil such as Rosehip/ Grapeseed. Apply at night and notice the difference the next day.

Something I always have with me would be an anti inflammatory, anti fungal and anti bacterial cream such as Skineal. I use it for quick fixes on acne and eradication of spots. I use it for not more than a period of one week. Anything more, might cause adverse effects so I don't really go that far with it.

When trying to get rid of acne, it is necessary you follow a strict regime such as exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising. Eating vegetables, fruits and a healthy diet shouldn't be left out. 

Also, remember the '8 glasses of water' rule. It's equally important. If you ain't a water and vegetable person like me, you can opt for  supplements to nourish your skin on the inside. I use Swissgarde's Skin Hair and Nails, Omega Plus and Royal Jelly Capsules to supplement my diet. I am one of those people who simply forget to eat lunch when working or studying so I make sure I keep these supplements handy.

Herbs that help treat acne

Some herbs help in controlling acne and they include:
Tea tree
Fruit acids

There are many easy, natural, and inexpensive ways to treat acne. 
To successfully battle acne, you need a consistent and effective skin care routine. Here are some general guidelines for taking care of acne-prone skin naturally:

Cleanse gently
 Wash your face with a nonfoaming or lightly foaming water-soluble cleanser that does not sting or leave the skin feeling dry in the morning, and double-cleanse with a cleansing oil and a foaming cleanser at night. 

Choose a toner that contains witch hazel, tea tree oil, chamomile, aloe, cucumber, calendula, and fruit acids to gently exfoliate the skin. For fast relief, you can apply milk of magnesia for a few minutes before going to bed. Apply it with fingertips or a cotton ball, leave it to dry, and wash off with tepid water.

Wear a daily moisturizer with antioxidants and botanical anti-inflammatory agents such as chamomile, green tea, panthenol, provitamin B5, tocopherol (vitamin E), licorice, calendula, raspberry, rice and oats, seaweed (algae), evening primrose oil, arnica, and echinacea. 

Use topical treatments. Tea tree oil is a traditional acne remedy that can be used directly or diluted with a toner or a mask. Apply a vitamin C powder directly onto blemishes. 

 Make sure you wear sunscreen especially in the summer and anytime you have active breakouts. Mineral sunscreen is perfect for acne-prone skin: you can wear it on top of your acne treatment of choice. Skipping sunscreen can result in dark postacne marks that are hard to get rid of.

For an effective acne treatment, you can try making this treatment recipe:

For problem skin, nothing beats tea tree oil. You can apply it directly on blemishes, dilute it in your favorite toner, and add a few drops to your masks and scrubs.

*Sweet Tea Balm*
1 tablespoon runny honey
1 tablespoon aloe vera juice (bottled or freshly squeezed from the plant) 
10 drops tea tree oil
500 mg vitamin C (to act as a preservative)

Yield: 5 ounces

Combine all the ingredients in a shallow bowl and blend until smooth. Transfer into an empty lip balm jar. This blend can be stored in the fridge for up to six months and used on all sorts of blemishes and minor cuts.

I have used some of the above treatments and they have worked perfectly for me.Have you used any of the above ingredients? Did they work for you?

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