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Making your whitening body wash

One of my projects last week was to make a scrub that had minuscle particles which would be very good for someone with a sensitive skin like mine. I wanted something that would serve as a mask, scrub, moisturizer and cleanser all in one bottle. I wanted something that would do all that and still be able to fade spots and prevent darkening of my skin.

So I used the following ingredients: ingredients like;
1).  kojic acid, sandalwood powder, azeliac acid and strawberry extracts for their whitening properties
2). activated charcoal, camwood and neem powder for their healing and cleansing properies
3). honey, castor oil and morroccan argan oil for their healing and moisturizing properies.

 After stirring ,this beauty was formed💖💖...I ended up making three batches🤣..If you're looking for a product that would soothe, moisturize, cleanse,exfoliate, lighten and repair your skin,then you can use the ingredients above to formulate your own bathwash. They can do wonders to your skin.

They contain properties which would put a glow to your skin, remove dead skin cells, making it blemish free and clean.And if you're like me that is always busy and do not have time to follow a skincare routine, then this bathwash would help you out.
I would love to see your creations and formulations.
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