7 Feb 2016

In the skin care world, all we get to hear are things we need to do. But, what are we not meant to do? There are little but very important mistakes, we make each day. They are really not important to some people but they have repercussions.Some of them include.

Use of towels.
I can't remember the last time I used a towel on my face. I stopped when my cousin came over and I noticed that she didn't use it for once. Her reason - it would make you look younger. I have found that to be true and I have not looked back since then.  Some sites would recommend using a face towel or cotton shirt.

If you are like me, that doesn't care so much for a towel, you can allow your skin suck in moisture naturally for a younger looking skin. 
Use of sponge
People still make this grave mistake. I did, but a long time ago. I was battling acne and thought that the sponge would clear the acne. It was my mum's shouting and advising that made me stop. I would always be secretly grateful to her, for all the talks.  Using sponge on your face, makes your face look rough, tears skin tissues, increases outbreak of acne and spots. It also transfers bacterial to the face. It is preferable, using bare hands to soap your face or scrubs, to using sponge. Using it, for me, is a no no.
Touching your face after cleansing. 

I've got to admit, I am guilty of this, especially after exfoliating. I am always tempted,  to touch my face, at least to feel the smoothness. But it is a wrong habit, which I know of. Right now, I allow my mirror do the reviewing for me. Lol. 
Touching your face with your hands, especially after cleansing, transfers bacteria to your face. Endeavor to wash your hands with soap, before touching your face. Do not wait until several minutes later, before doing it, as it can become reinfected.And after moisturizing, try as much as possible not to touch your face. 
Use of dirty cosmetic products.  Cosmetic products like brushes, are to be cleaned with antiseptic cleansers or soaked in hot water, at least once every week,  to rid it of germs. People with sensitive skin are usually prone to serious outbreaks if they use dirty bushes. 

Use of substandard beauty products
This is very common. All beauty products have expiry dates. Do not use the ones, which the expiry date have  elapsed. Remember, the skin is an organ, it takes in, at least a percentage of what you use on it.
People who use expired or substandard cosmetic products, are liable to getting cancer. It is that serious. I mean, who knows what is being used in making these products. Some major products, that fall into this category, are the foundation powders, loose powders,cleansers and so on. Along the Iyana Ipaja axis in Lagos State, you hear them auctioning these powders, for as low as, two hundred to four hundred Naira. The original products sell, for as much as 3000 to 7000 Naira. When you hear them, you just can do nothing,  but stand and shake your head and when you see the faces of ladies who use them, you end up laughing. The Mary would be on one side and the Kay would be dripping down the other side of the face. 
When I went to the market, I went into one store to check out these products. I saw the very oily, very watery types and the most amazing part is, when you drop a little of it on your thumb, the oil and water do not mix at all!!!  You sometimes end up seeing grains in them. Can you imagine?   
I tell people, if you don't have the money to get the original, do not use any at all or save to get one. 
Use genuine products on your face and lower the risk of getting unexplainable outbreaks or illness.
These are just a few of the common mistakes we make.It doesn't take so much to get a clear and smooth skin. Sometimes,  with the right routine and practice, we can get the look, we wish for.