30 Jan 2016

You don't get to hear about some amazing  beauty products that are wonder personified (permit my grammar), in this part of the world. Truth is,there are basic organic products that you might just be obsessed with,if not careful due to their effectiveness.
I have always loved organics and have been quite curious about what I apply on my skin.  I have seen people that do not age quickly and I'm like, 'yea, I  want to look like that when I'm forty, fifty' ....
Some might say, plastic surgery at work, I agree but I've also seen people who look ten years younger, and I don't think they understand the word 'plastic surgery'  and when you ask them, you end up surprised, when you hear, 'ori'  (Shea Butter), 'Ude akin' (palm kennel oil), olive oil, Pears Baby Oil and you are like..... WTH!!!!!!  And for the wealthy peeps, you would end up surprised that most use organics or moisturizers.
In this harmattan weather, nothing feels much better or more suitable, than body butter for your skin. In case you might be wondering, body butter is actually made from whipped essential oils, and of course,  if you are members of , #team organic#, like me, you would know the functions of some of these oils. Right now, I'm a fan of citrus oil, add a dash of turmeric, rose and lavender oil or sandalwood, then you've  made my day.
It is nutritious, protects your skin, evens out skin tone, some lightens (depending on the ingredients), but they properly,  make the best home made moisturizers.

Here's a basic body butter recipe.

Ingredients :
1 cup shea butter (optional) 
2 tbsp.fresh lemon juice or citric acid (optiohal) 
1 tbsp. honey
1/4 cup milk
1/2 turmeric oil
1/3 cup almond powder 
 1/2 cup of coconut oil(solidified) 
1 oz. cocoa butter(optional) 

1. Heat the milk in a pot. Do not boil. Allow to cool and mix with turmeric powder.
2. In different pot, over medium temperature, melt the cocoa butter, shea butter and honey with the choice of your oil,  until fully dissolved, stirring continuously. Do not allow to boil. 
3. Add other oils of your choice(turmeric or lemon oil) . 
4.Pour the melted oil mixture slowly into the glass jar with milk, stirring constantly until the two mixture are combined. Add the citric acid.
5.Allow to rest in a cool place until the mixture is set, preferably in a refrigerator. (It makes it  faster). Take out of refrigerator, once chilled. 

6. Using a hand or electric mixer, start from a low, gradually to a high speed, mix until you get a fluffy consistency (like what you get when whipping eggs).

7.Scoop out and place in a jar in a cool place for a while. (preferably far from heat, so as not to melt).
All set!!! Your body butter is ready. 
You can easily whip it again, if it solidifies. 
Only use citric acid or lemon juice, if you want to use it as night creams, as it reacts with the sun uv rays which might cause burns. Add them,  if you want it to lighten your skin.
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