12 Mar 2016

There's been so many requests about skin lightening products. I am not against skin lightening. Everyone has a right to choose what they want, as long as they are doing it the right way, not endangering their health and feel comfortable in their skin.

I'm always an advocate for skin beauty. It's your only covering in this life, so handle it with care.
My first choice, when it comes to recommending skin lightening products, would always be organics.
I have been a lover of organic products before I started this blog, because you get to know what's going into your skin. Some of the best skin lightening creams, I know of,  are actually organics. Though expensive,  they do the job. They lighten from within, leaving no uneven marks, no acne, what soever. The reviews are also mind blowing.
I use lemon and lime oil, and I love it.

So I can practically get all my DIY ingredients from her.
If you want to get any of the products, contact me for further details and you won't be disappointed.
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