29 Jan 2023

I work on the field a lot and always use a sunscreen so as to protect my skin and ensure minimal burns. So using a sunscreen is very important to me, hence I opted for the Missha Aqua sungel sunscreen- the old one, due to great reviews from many netizens. I got mine for 6500 Naira which is a bit fair compared to other sunscreens.

What I love

Easy to absorb
No whitecast or residue
Doesn't make me sweat
Can be used as a lotion

So, I don't know if it is just me, because I haven't seen anyone with this same complaint. When I started using it, I noticed I started having white patches, like eczema. My colleagues noticed it and asked if I changed my cream. I replied in the negative and remembered this was the only product I newly included to my skincare items.

I discontinued using it and started treating the patches. When it cleared, I decided to start using it again to ascertain if truly it was the sunscreen- lo and behold, it occurred again- this time with subtle itching.

I have discontinued using it finally and don't think I would be using it anytime soon. I also heard the old one has been discontinued, so I might try the new one and see how it goes.

Have you tried the new one? Was it different from the old one?