10 Oct 2021

 So, you've finally agreed to stop using all those steriods laden tubes, serums and products and now your skin has gone back to square one.

Let me break it down further- After using some products, usually whitening products, do you notice some effects such as rashes, tanning, eczema, itching and so on?

Your mind thinks deeper. What do you use? How do you clear them off? You rush and get a second bottle to clear them off... Surprisingly, it works...

You're relieved...

What you fail to realize at this point, is that- this is just a temporary fix. You don't get relief, you worsen it and by the time you realise this, you're skin has become worse and at this junction, it starts begging for mercy.

How do you show it mercy?
By stopping all those products and disposing them. 
First thing, throw them all away, clear the trash and your mindset aboiut getting fair in complexion.

You need to understand that the next few months would seem hellish for you, as you would grow darker and the symptoms might worsen. You need to prepare your mind for that and be ready to undergo skin transformation.

The second thing, I would advise at this point is to see a dermatologist who would prescribe the right skin care products for you but if you cannot afford the fees of a dermatologist, please read on as I would be discussing about some of the products I recommended for a client and they worked for her.

The first thing I did, was to develop a regimen which consisted of products suitable for for skin type, I boxed up on products containing exfoliating enzymes as I need products with subtle healing and exfoliating properties.
My skincare regimen and the products used are as follows:

1. Cleansing - Sozaya Essentials Elixir.
This product doubles as a cleanser and toner. The astringent properties and Glycolic Acid in it, helped reduced enlarged pores, calmed the skin and brightened it. The Sea Buckthorn oil in it, helped moisturized the skin without making it oily. The product really helped so much.

2. Cleansing and Moisturizing- Sozaya Essentials Honey Glazed Soap

I chose this because of the honey and papain. It cleanses beautifully without drying, heals and fades spots.

3. Toning- The Ordinary Toning Solution
If you do not have this product, please get it. It has become a staple in my wardrobe. I really love it.

4. Serum- The Ordinary Retinoid in Squalene
I chose this because I wanted a product which renews and boosts the skin elasticity. If you do not react to this product, please do. It's really beneficial for renewing the skin's elasticity.

5. Protection- Sozaya Essentials Clarifying Face Cream and Jojoba oil, Neutrogena Suncreen
This combo is really awesome. They brighten, protect and moisturize beautifully without causing breakouts or blemishes. I'm a Neutrogena fan and do not go encourage going outside without any sunscreen.

I  recommended she also exfoliate twice weekly, with Sozaya Essentials Creamy Exfoliator and it's been proving rewarding.

Her skin has improved tremendously. She no longer struggle with enlarged pores, itching or rashes, the patches are clearing gradually and has this beautiful glow. Her skin is still improving and I'm loving the improvements daily.

Before meets After picture of client

I'm still trying out other products regularly but the products mentioned above are still my go-to recommendations for any person seeking to renew their complexion. You can buy the whole kit here.  They're skin savers.

Please, note that all products used and mentioned are not for advising purposes. They are products I use regularly and formulate myself and have proven to be beneficial to me.

Ciao, my lovelies.

Until my next post.