25 Nov 2021

I see so many  people complaining about using so and so product without seeing any results despite promises from the manufacters.
While I agree to the fact, that there are so many substandard and fake products out there which offer so many fake promises, there are also good products out there which deliver on their promises. But you still see people complaining about these same products.
In the following points below, I would be listing out various ways which can be useful in getting maximum benefits out of that skin lightening cream.

1.EXFOLIATION/CLEANSING -Without exfoliating and cleansing ,the skin pores becomes enclogged with dirt,dust and sweat. When the skin pores are clogged,it becomes difficult for any cream to produce noticeable results on the skin.

2. PROTECTION- We all know the sun is the number one enemy of the skin.It causes pigmentation marks,sun burns,liver spots, wrinkles and so on.The sun is one of the reasons why that cream you are using isn't working. People have this belief that only fair skinned people ought to protect their skin,which is soooooo wrong. As long as you go out into the sun,you need sunscreen regardless of your colour. When you go out into the sun with whatever cream,the sun destroys it's effectiveness, fact!It is necessary to use an sunblock with SPF 30 and above. Any product with lower SPF should be reapplied throughout the day.

3.SUPPLEMENTS/DIETS -What you take in determines what comes out. If you take in so much carbs and soda,the result would be acne,breakouts,rough and patched skin. If you can't eat vegetables and fruits like me(am not the fruity,water and vegetable type of person, don't ask me why),at least take skin supplements like me. Lol. (I am never short of  Swissgarde's Royal Jelly and Skin, Hair and Nails capsules ) .
It supplements my diet and improves the overall appearance of my skin. Some people take in Glutathione capsules to lighten the skin from the inside (another topic for another day), Vitamin C,A or E supplements. What's important is that we should take in something to nourish the skin from the inside. It's very important.

Also,not every product is supposed to produce the same effect on your skin as it did on someone else skin. Every skin varies,what worked on a skin in such a short time might take weeks to produce the same effect on another skin.
Carotene or carrot oil causes break out on my skin,it might produce excellent results on someone else skin. But it just doesn't work for me.

Remember, if you want that skin lightening cream that you are using to work,remember to EXFOLIATE,CLEANSE, PROTECT YOUR SKIN AND EAT HEALTHY MEALS TO NOURISH YOUR SKIN

Remain blessed until my next post.