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I've been seeing this product everywhere and I really wanted to use it. I already had two reviews from different persons. The first person said it really worked so nice on her and made her whiter without any discolorations or blemishes. The second person however said it gave her stretchmarks and she had to stop. I recommended it to my sister and she asked me to get her a bottle of which I did. I monitored her progress from day one. She started using it with a moisturizing soap as she was already light skinned. I didn't want it to be too harsh on her skin and did not mix it with the serum.
First week,she said she liked the product on her body and had to complaints whatsoever.
Second week,the going was still good but by the third week,the complains began. She had breakouts on her face and body, her skin started becoming red and she started noticing black knuckles.To say I didn't get an earful of complaints is an understatement. She still blames me for recommending such a product to her. She ended up using just half and gave it back to me. In her words, 'Sophie, coman carry your cream and use before you destroy my skin.
My conclusion: The product is very strong and is likely not suitable for those with sensitive or fragile skin. It also lightens, I must say that. So if you have 'agidigba'skin, you can use it but you can still mix it with serums and anti stretchmark ampoules if you want to get whiter within a month.  Most importantly,get the original version and try getting the whole set. The first person got hers directly from the company, mixed it with some serums and also used the soap. She said she was glowing without any stains on her knuckles. I don't know how you can identify the original product but my best bet is to identify an original dealer and find out if it comes sealed or not. Have a lovely week everyone.

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