Do you know that babies also need to have gorgeous skin? Infact using good products in your babies should be one of the most important things to put in mind as a mother. I remember using Imperial leather soap, Premier soap (the purple colour) and Jet cream while growing up. It's like my mum was a distributor. Immediately one bottle or bar is almost exhausted, a new one would be waiting on the bathroom rack. When I see mothers using skin lightening products on their kids, I get amazed.

When I formulate of kids,I leave out synthetic ingredients,I even stay away from preservatives. I use butters especially Shea. Below is a favourite kids body butter recipe. This can also be used for adults and it contains the beloved Blackseed oil ( benefits of black seed).

 Mango butter-20g
 Avocado butter-20g
 Shea butter-20 
Rose hip oil-15ml 
Avocado oil-15ml 
Lavender oil-5drops 
Half tea spoon of black seed oil when using for kids, but when not using for kids add Mulberry extract- 
1 teaspoon Licorice
1 teaspoon Lightening lemon glycerin
1 teaspoon Aloe vera gel

Melt the butters and oils together after which bring down and store for five minutes. 
Put in a freezer to cool for 10mins.
 Bring it out and mix thoroughly; you can add any essential oils of your choice.
This body butter can erase rash and lighten the body complexion.

There you have it. Tune up your glow with this recipe and thank me later. Do you have a recipe or a favorite brand for your kids. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.