31 Jul 2018

I love exfoliating!!! This is because my environment is dry and dusty, so my skin tends to get clogged and dull in some few days. Some people do not share the same sentiments because they have used exfoliants but they tend to break out. This is because some people simply pick an exfoliant without looking at the ingredients and checking if that scrub would suit their skin.There are two types of exfoliating products available in the market today: 

Abrasive exfoliating products remove dead skin cells by physical friction, using synthetic or natural particles, such as jojoba beads, crushed fruit kernel, seeds, salt, or sugar. 

Nonabrasive exfoliating products use alpha and beta hydroxy acids to dissolve the top layer of dead skin cells. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids exfoliate by dissolving the very top layer of dead skin cells with glycolic acid from sugarcane, lactic acid from sour milk, tartaric acid from grapes, malic acid from apples, and pyruvic acid from citrus fruits. Malic and tartaric acids are more commonly used in exfoliating body products, as they are more potent.

 Many exfoliating products combine both offering a double action against dead skin cells, but such products can be irritating if you have fair, delicate, or easily irritated skin.

If you have inflamed acne lesions, an irritation, or a sunburn on your face or body, you should never use abrasive scrubs, no matter how natural or gentle they feel. This is because these scrubs will further damage the fragile skin in the area of inflammation, so the irritation gets worse and all your efforts to speed up the healing process will go down the drain along with the scrub. You can use abrasive scrubs in your weekly home spa regimen before applying a nourishing, whitening, or deep-cleansing mask.

This is one of my favourite exfoliants. It keeps my glow on point!!!Enjoy!!!

Half Cup of Hamalayan Salt, 
Half Cup of Black India Salt, 
2 Tbsp of Alum Powder, 
3 Tbsp of Licorice, 
1 Style Claire serum
Mix Very Well.
Note: For stubborn skin, add little more of hamalayan salt if you feel it’s too strong and grind it. 

To use, wet your body and apply in a circular motion. Leave on for 10-20 mins to allow it penetrate into your skin. You can package this scrub and use at home or sell it. It helps to exfoliate and lighten the skin. It is easy to make and very effective...Enjoy and pamper your skin!!!