18 Jul 2018

I chose this topic today because I've seen so many people argue in favour and against it. Well,this is my opinion.

They are meant to help treat skin conditions and restore the skin to its normal balance. But it is being used more for skin whitening than treating skin conditions.

 Infact people use more than 5 tubes in a 500ml bottle and yes, it does whiten rapidly but it also weakens the skin and makes it prone to stretchmarks, uneven skin tone,white spots and blemishes. Some mothers even go as far as mixing the popular Funbact-A with Shea Butter because it lightens the babies skin and keeps it smoother. But that is so wrong. It does more harm than good. It's better you formulate your own body butter and use on the baby.

There is a popular and quite better way to use it as gathered from some formulators. 
Use one or two tubes only for clients who specifically asked for rapid whitening. If she's a returning client,then skip it and use whitening glycerine to maintain the complexion.

We should also understand that different clobetasol tubes  and gels  have different functions.They also vary in price and effectiveness. Some react very fast and do not do much damage if used rightly, but some react very fast and the effect would take a long time for it to be reversed.

Conclusion: Use sparinginly and accordingly.