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I need ur help. Please I have a client with serious case of stretch.  Please what can I make for her that will work very fast and be effective?

Stretch marks occur due to stretching of the skin. Sometimes, it occurs as a result of rapid weight gain and loss, pregnancy, genes or harsh creams. I do classify stretch marks into two types: The non-serious type that looks like thin white lines on the skin and the serious type that look like scars or cuts.

 Stretchmarks may occur on the buttocks, arms, thighs, back of the knee joints and stomachs. They do not disappear in days or overnight. Rather, it is a gradual process that might take weeks or even months.

 The first step is getting rid of stretchmarks is using either a scrub or a natural peel. The skin needs to be exfoliated and rejuvenated, else any treatment applied on the skin might not be effective. There are different natural  remedies for removing stretch marks. Some of them include:

Aloe Vera + Vitamin E oil
Castor oil
Lemon juice +Cucumber Juice 
Retinoid Creams
Shea Butter (Melted) 
Cocoa Butter 
Retinoid creams
Laser treatment

All the treatments are quite effective, though Retinoid based creams and Laser treatments(non natural treatments) tend to work faster that some of the natural ones.

Before applying any of the natural treatments or Retinoid creams, she can try out this natural scrub recipe, suggested by Ambless (a member of my watsapp group):

' Let her mix baking soda, coconut oil, sugar together and apply it all over d place every night. Then let her allow it to dry up on her body before washing it off. This would take up to one hour. Let her use an exfoliating sponge to bath while washing  it off. After bathing she can then apply the stretch marks cream. She should do this for a whole month. This helps in getting rid of stretcmarks, cellulite and wrinkles'. 

Also, remember it is very important to drink water as this keeps the body hydrated and tend to help in reducing outbreaks of stretchmarks. 

I hope these work for her. Please keep me updated on any improvement. Thank you and God bless. 

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