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Hello everyone,
This is for all skincare enthusiasts, cream and soap makers in the house. We have restocked and have a large array of organic and promixing products in the house.

We sell in both large and small quantities for those who just want to make personal or commercial products .
We sell in;
25g, 50g and above for powders 
50ml and above for oils and additives.

Skincare kits also available from 20,000 Naira or 150 dollar. We deliver worldwide.

Now in stock
Lightening powders and solutions 
Snow white powder 
Filipino powder 
Sym white powder 
Sepi white powder
Glutathione powder
Kojic Acid
Goat milk powder
Rice powder
Lactic Acid
Alpha Arbutin
Papaya Extract
Titanium dioxide
Super white powder
Tumeric powder
Egyptian Kamana milk
Neem powder
Cinnamon powder
Camwood power
Spa Salt
Vitamin A
Orange Peel
Cocoa powder
Fenugreek powder
Sesame seed
Allantoin powder
Ascorbic Acid
Zinc oxide
Gigawhite powder

Organic and Lightening oils
Lavender oil
Grapeseed oil 
Argan oil
Jojoba oil
Peppermint oil
Sesame oil
Orange oil
Lemon oil
Chamomile oil
Eucalyptus oil
Sandalwood oil
Citrus oil
Castor oil
Carrot oil
Banana oil
Vanilla oil
Jasmine oil
Avocado oil
Sweet almond oil

Additives in stock
Zaya Oil
Overwhite oil
Nature secrete oil
Pure white oil
Sure white oil
Whitening glycerin
Kojie San
Omo white plus
Gluta wink Serum
Magic Kenacol
Lalala oil
Malaysian oil
Indian white oil
Half-caste oil
Talking oil
Kojic serun
7 days Serum
Skin Free
Magic White
Shenic oil
Collagen extra white

Huile Serum
Eclat de Lune...

Please contact 07034510620 for prices and to place orders. 

Happy Holidays,
Sophie Azaya

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