19 Jan 2017

Hello Sophie, please what products are suitable for a pregnant woman and what type of cream and soap can I make for her? She wants to get really light. 
Usually, I do not recommend lightening creams for pregnant women because most of what she uses gets into her blood stream and may affect the health of the baby. At this stage, it is better for the woman to turn to moisturizers and organic products . If she wants to lighten, you can use  natural lightening agents such as Licorice, Vitamin B3,Gram flour or oil, Ascorbic acid, Kojic acid.....She might not get up to 5 shades lighter but she would definitely glow.

Also, bear in mind that sometimes skin darkening and outbreaks are usually pregnancy symptoms in some women, so with time and after delivery, the skin would return back to its former condition. 
Like I mentioned earlier, I do not recommend lightening creams for pregnant women but I would always recommend use of moisturizers particularly natural oils such as Coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and Shea Butter. She should stay away from products containing retinol, salicylic acid, Beta Hydroxy Acid ( BHA), synthetic fragrances, soy, gluten ,diary or animal products. She can use moisturizers, Alpha Hydroxy Acids ( e.g glycolic acid)-for fighting acne and most importantly, sun blocks.

 Some type of moisturizers which are suitable for pregnant women include;

1. Baby Oil- It heals dry flaky skin,makes it shiny and soft. It should be applied all over the body especially areas prone to stretchmarks and scars such as shoulders, breasts, stomach, buttocks, thighs and so on.

2.Vitamin E oil-  Its no secret that Vitamin E oil prevents and heals scarring. It can also be used to heal stretchmarks, strengthens the skin and it is also a good moisturizer. It can be applied directly on the skin or ingested in form of capsules.
3. Bio Oil- Most women swear by this oil. It is a very popular oil which can be used to prevent stretchmarks, uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin and scarring.
In summary, when making creams for pregnant women, ensure that the cream is a moisturizer containing natural oils and natural lightening agents (for those who want to lighten). I would recommend home-made body butters (you can get a recipe from my e-book) .You can make yours with your preferred exotic raw butter such as papaya, mango, vanilla or tamaanu.