7 Jun 2016

I usually tell my friends that there are three basic set of mineral powder and liquid foundations. There are the 'original ', 'original fake' and 'fake fake'. All of them are sold at different prices. You can get Iman, Milani, Mary Kay loose powders for as low as Two Hundred Naira( one dollar). It is that bad but you would be doing a huge disfavor to your skin by using any of these.

Using fake beauty products causes  skin cancer, aging, acne and itching. In order to avoid these, it is imperative you use genuine beauty products. But getting genuine products can be an herculean task in some parts of Nigeria. Hence this post is to help you identify genuine Milani mineral powder or liquid foundation.


 How To Identify Original Milani Mineral Powder
The new Milani powder comes with a unique authentication scratch pin.  
1. Scratch The PIN.
2. Send the PIN to 38353 for free
3.  Wait  until you get this sms message before you pay:
"OK. Genuine MILANI Product. Your PIN: (Your Unique PIN
will be Here). Problem? Call 08039012929 Innovative
Marketing care. Sproxil SMS"

4 . If you DO NOT get the above sms message, then it is a FAKE product. Do not buy. The Milani cosmetics range is one of the affordable brands that are really good, only if you get the original. Stop wasting your money on fake products. Get long lasting and quality make up from.approved and trusted distributors around you. Would you like to see us stock the brand? When we do, you can bet your money on us, because we would only stock 100% authentic products.