20 Jun 2016

MOM (Milk Of Magnesia) caught my attention, when I saw it at a friend's place. She said she had been using it to treat breakouts and acne on her face. So, I went online and also proceeded to ask some dermatologists and pharmacists residing close to where I stay, for their opinion on MOM. I also read more articles and reviews before arriving at my conclusion.

Milk of Magnesia otherwise known as magnesium is an ancient medicine used as a laxative. This milky white liquid is made from magnesium hydroxide, water and sodium hypochlorite. It was first used to treat stomach pain and sold under the brand Phillip’s Milk of Magnesia before people started using it to treat acne.
This product has been widely used topically to treat dandruff, acne and other skin conditions. 
It is effective in dealing with oily skin and prevents appearance of scars. It is an inexpensive alternative to those looking to control oily skin, bumps, blackspots and white heads. 
But, there is a problem in using it regularly . Usually, good skincare products are formulated within the skin’s pH range (from 5 to 8) but Milk Of Magnesia has a PH of 10.5, which is way too high for the skin. Prolonged use of it can cause the skin to shrink,itch and might increase acne outbreak.It can also make it to to look dry and flaky and can cause slight burning. 
Hence, it is better to use it once in awhile than consistently.

 Mom can be used as a clay mask. It is a little bit more gentle than clay and a great alternative if you have a sensitive skin.
Below is a video of how to make, apply a face mask using MOM and turmeric.

Here is also a simple DIY MOM face mask. 
Two spoonfuls of MOM
A small bowl or cup
Cotton balls or wool

Pour two tablespoonfuls of Milk of Magnesia into a cup or small bowl. 
Apply to the affected part with a cotton ball or wool. 
Leave on for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water. 
Apply moisturizer afterwards. 

This mask is only recommend for oily skin.Do not use on dry skin.
You can buy Milk of Magnesia at your local
drug store.The recommended type is usually the original non-flavored formula. 

In conclusion, Milk of magnesia is good for oily skin, it evens out your skin tone and helps remove impurities but it should only be used on oily skin and must not be used consistently.
What's your opinion? Do you use it only as a laxative, acne treatment or both?
Until my next post, stay blessed.