25 Feb 2022

 Dry vagina can be a source of worry to both partners when trying to get sexually intimate with one another. Vagina dryness is usually caused by not engaging in enough foreplay which out to arouse you and increase your fluids.

It can also be caused by a drop in your oestrogen levels and can be an early sign of menopause. Your oestrogen levels can drop due to childbirth and breastfeeding, chemotherapy treatment, allergies and anti-estrogen medications, flu medications and so on.

One common natural alternative to boost wetness is the popular Okra or Okro. Okro contains considerable amount of oestrogen and progesterone and thus can help boost your natural wetness. I also heard it aids childbirth and makes the baby slide out easily-I don't how how true this is.

The video below shows how to use Okro to make you wet easily and enjoy intimacy with your partner. Enjoy!